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Mission Green- A Joint Effort

We encourage the people to clean their surroundings, by providing our best possible support, tools, resources and assistance to the inspired communities who went to make their surroundings beautiful, green, clean and pollution free. Our organization does saplings in different areas like villages, streets, parks, etc. time to time. We don’t just plant it we also take care of it. We enhance the initiative of Mission Green to save the Environment and to control Air Pollution. The reason of no fresh air in the surroundings is that there are no trees, and very rare people are concerned about the trees and plants. Every creature on this planer needs oxygen to live but no one wants to plant trees. Other than that they cut the trees for their own use. Mission Green was an initiative taken by ZYVS in which they planted many trees to give a message that Trees are the most important part of living as they give us Oxygen and Oxygen is the only gas which help us to breathe. We believe that “Plant more trees” should not remain a mere slogan only. However if we want a sustainable green planer for the future generations to enjoy, we must learn to make the most of what we have.

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