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A new concept named Nanhi Chaupal was initiated by our Organization in which a group of children from one village come together to raise their problems such as family issues, hygiene issue, dirty environment, school related problems, etc. A Baal Panchayat has been formed to hear their problems. In this Panchayat, the age group of children has been fixed i.e. 10-18years. Every child will become the member of Panchayat as after every three months the Panch will be changed. A Sarpanch and five Panch are selected from the Panchayat. On every Saturday, those Panch will roam in the Village and will go through to those problems and on every Sunday, this Chaupal have their sitting and discuss their issues. After every meeting the minutes of meeting will be recorded by the Panchayat. The team of our Organization will read the minutes of their meeting and will resolve their problems. Through this children will be got to know about the Politics and Political behavior, physical and mental health of children will be raised, children will become more confident and powerful.

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