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Vocational Training to women to empower them was an initiative to involve them in other activities other than household work. The need of Vocational courses is felt and many Vocational courses came forward and people start believing that this can also turn into Job-Oriented Education.

Beauty Parlour Training which was sponsored by NABARD to those girls who wanted to learn the art of Beautician. As today, every girl or women wants to look best and to look their best, they need help of a Beautician. And to become a beautician, training is required to be taken.

Computer Training to 180 Students in 3 batches and makes them learn the basics of Computer, so that they will never face any type of problem while working on a Computer as in every official or educational place, basic knowledge of computer is required.

Conducted Diagnostic Assessment of students of Government Schools in Haryana. This project was initiated to improve the I.Q. level of 9,000 students (3,000 students each from 3rd, 5th & 8th Class) from about 180 schools in Urban and Rural areas of Ambala, Panchkula, Kurukshetra and Yamuna Nagar Districts in Haryana. This project includes coding of students response on OMR Sheets. So Diagnostic Assessment was done to make them knowledgeable enough to understand and answer the questions on an OMR sheet.

Running 40 Nishulk Silai Kadhai Centers to empower women of Haryana and to make them independent to stand on their feet.

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