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COVID-19 Relief Camps

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected over 180 countries and is particularly challenging for India because of its population density and stressed public health systems. Due to COVID-19 much instability has been faced by migrants and financially weak families and to help them our NGO came forward by distributing Food Packets, Dry Ration, Sanitizers, Face Mask and Real Juice. Slippers were provided to the Migrants who were returning to their villages bare footed. For them, everyday has been a struggle in this pandemic, a minor effort to help them has been taken by us. The best way to deal with this pandemic is to maintain social distance, quarantining probable cases, using sanitizers, wearing mask and following good hygiene. For this, many awareness programmes have been organized by our NGO to spread awareness about Social Distancing, using sanitizers and wearing face mask to protectthem from Corona Virus.

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