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A Step For Bright Educational Future

Future of Children can become bright through Education. Children also need some resources to study whether it is in School or at home. Our organization supported them by providing some facilities at zero cost.

Enlight Life of Kids in Need, Canada

To make children educated and increase the literacy rate, Enlight Life of Kids in Need, Canada joined their hands with Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan to implement a core program for child care, protection and education since 27th May, 2017. 68 children of Classes IX, X, XI & XII where adopted by us and their educational expenses are paid by us.

Free of Cost Centers

Tuition Center: Our organization started giving Free of Cost Education through a Tuition Center which has been opened in Gurudev Mohalla, Block Barara, Distt. Ambala about 70 children are getting education there.

Computer Center: Computer and technology is the part of everybody’s day to day life and to learn it we have to pay an amount which is not affordable by everyone. That’s why our organization opened a free of cost Computer Center with the support of All Trust Technology Private Limited at Sonda Colony, Ambala City where any child can come and learn basics of Computer.

Donated Water Cooler

Basic amenities are also required to learn Education. Our organization got to know that there is lack of Basic Amenities in the Government Schools of Village Dadupur, Ambala. When our organization got the information about the lack of infrastructure within 2-3 days our organization installed 2 Water Coolers for the children.

Donated Stationery & Uniform

Education related help is provided to children time to time in the Government Schools and Localities of District Ambala. Our Organization has given sweaters, shoes and stationery to those children who are needy and cannot afford to buy them. Our organization is 24*7 available to help children in need.

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