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USHA International joined hands with us in 2012 to empower the women and girls of villages. Till now 326 USHA Silai Schools are being run in different Districts of Haryana i.e. Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Kaithal, Panchkula, Karnal and Kurukshetra and till now empowered about 5000 women/girls to make them capable enough to earn their living. Earning is said to be a difficult task but when a women decide something to do she do it with her full heart without any fear. They just need a direction which helps them to face everything in life. USHA Silai School means a school of teaching women and girls in the village to sew, and this school is operated and managed by Women Entrepreneur using an USHA sewing machine. In one year, 10 centers are established in 1 District and each Center consists of 20 students who can teach stitching after their training to the nearby girls and women. Many girls in India are not educated and are forced to do that work which they do not want to do. They experience many dishearten things which nobody can even think of. The change is much needed to develop the upcoming generation of the country. And this change is in our hands. Together we can and together we will.

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